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programmable relational database
with graphical user interface
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MUIbase offers the following features:

  • Shared access to a project from multiple instances of MUIbase running on the same or different computers.
  • Unlimited number of projects, tables, attributes, and records.
  • Attributes can be of type string, memo (multi line text), integer, real, date, time, bool, choice (one item out of many items), reference (easy way to reference a record of another table), button (for starting MUIbase programs), and virtual (compute value on the fly).
  • The string type can also manage lists of strings, files, and fonts. A string can refer to an external image which is displayed in the graphical user interface.
  • Dynamic loading of records. Records which are not needed may be flushed from memory (e.g. when memory is low).
  • Programmability. With the easy and powerful MUIbase programming language complex tasks can be implemented. The language also includes a SELECT FROM WHERE query for comfortable and fast data retrieval.
  • Ordering of records by any combinations of attributes.
  • Flexible and powerful search and filter facility.
  • Query editor which allows entering and managing of SELECT FROM WHERE queries. The queries can be saved and the results can be printed.
  • Optional logging of changes (adding, deleting and changing of records) into a system log table.
  • Import and export facility.
  • Full documentation including user and programming manual in HTML and PDF.
  • Operating system independence. MUIbase is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Amiga. The source code is available as part of a Source Forge project.