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programmable relational database
with graphical user interface
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Downloads for Linux Linux

Please choose the binary package according to your Linux distribution. We provide .deb packages for Ubuntu Ubuntu as well as .rpm packages for Fedora Fedora.

The installation of MUIbase should be straight forward. If you encounter any problems then please refer to the installation directives of the MUIbase user manual.

V4.0     muibase_4.0_ubuntu_trusty_amd64.deb
V4.0     muibase_4.0_ubuntu_trusty_i386.deb
V4.0     MUIbase-4.0-fc21.x86_64.rpm
V4.0     MUIbase-4.0-fc21.i686.rpm
V3.4     muibase_3.4_ubuntu_trusty_amd64.deb
V3.4     muibase_3.4_ubuntu_trusty_i386.deb
V3.4     MUIbase-3.4-fc21.x86_64.rpm
V3.4     MUIbase-3.4-fc21.i686.rpm