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Below documentation is part of the MUIbase dictribution and is also available in PDF.

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2. Welcome to MUIbase

MUIbase is a fast and flexible database system with graphical user interface (GUI) and programmability. It is targeted for advanced desktop users who want to manage data in a comfortable and powerful way. MUIbase is able to manage any kind of data, e.g. addresses, CD series, movies, photo collections, your family tree, your income and expense, and much more. The power of MUIbase lies in its clear and powerful graphical user interface and its programming capabilities. Programming MUIbase allows you to process data in various ways, e.g. automatic calculations upon user input, generation of reports, import and export of data, etc. For example it can be used for calculating the total amount of income, or the total amount of recorded time on a CD, or to automatically create and print serial letters to your customers.

MUIbase offers the following features:

  • Shared access to a project from multiple instances of MUIbase running on the same or different computers.

  • Unlimited number of projects, tables, attributes, and records.

  • Attributes can be of type string, memo (multi line text), integer, real, date, time, boolean, choice (one item out of many items), reference (easy way to reference a record of another table), button (for starting MUIbase programs), and virtual (compute value on the fly).

  • The string type can also manage lists of strings, files, and fonts. A string can refer to an external image which is displayed in the graphical user interface.

  • Dynamic loading of records. Records which are not needed may be flushed from memory (e.g. when memory is low).

  • Programmability. With the easy and powerful MUIbase programming language complex tasks can be implemented. The language also includes a SELECT FROM WHERE query for comfortable and fast data retrieval.

  • Ordering of records by any combinations of attributes.

  • Flexible and powerful search and filter facility.

  • Query editor which allows entering and managing of SELECT FROM WHERE queries. The queries can be saved and the results can be printed.

  • Optional logging of changes (adding, deleting and changing of records) into a system log table.

  • Import and export facility.

  • Full documentation including user and programming manual in HTML and PDF (plus AmigaGuide on the Amiga).

  • The Amiga version provides a powerful ARexx interface for accessing MUIbase from other programs. The ARexx interface offers a transaction mechanism similar to other relational databases.

  • Operating system independence. MUIbase is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Amiga. The source code is available as part of a SourceForge project.

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