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programmable relational database
with graphical user interface
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Below documentation is part of the MUIbase dictribution and is also available in PDF.

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Thanks to:

  • Ralph Reuchlein (Ralphie) for bug reports, ideas and suggestions, and for the German translation of the MUIbase user manual.

    Ralphie also created and maintains the MUIbase home page

  • Pascal Marcelin for his believe in MUIbase and Amiga, and for the first web server connecting to MUIbase through its ARexx interface.

  • Christoph Pölzl and Sébastien Pölzl for the artwork used in MUIbase, the PNG icon set and for testing on MorphOS.

  • Alexandre Balaban for the French translation of the user manual (with great help from Lionel Muller and Gilles Mathevet) and for porting MUIbase to AmigaOS 4.

  • Stéphane Aulery for continuing the French translation and updating the web pages.

  • Harold Kinds for the new ImportSample project.

  • Ilkka Lehtoranta for completing the port to MorphOS.

  • Thomas Fricke and Adrian Maleska for various graphics improving the appearance of MUIbase.

  • Martin Merz for his Mason icons.

  • Mats Granstrom for beta testing of MUIbase and for writing the tutorial.

  • John Hertig, Harold Kinds, Magnus Hammarstrom, Henning Thilemann, Joseph Durchalet, André Schenk, Klaus Gessner, and Oliver Roberts for ideas and beta-testing.

  • Jernej Simoncic for permission to use his Windows install script for The Gimp as basis for the install script for MUIbase for Windows.

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