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Menu Project

Information about a project, see Info.

Starts a new project, see New project.

Clear - Project
Resets a project, see Clear project.

Clear - Records
Deletes all records, see Clear project.

Open - Project
Loads a project, see Open project.

Open - Demo
Loads a demo project, see Open project.

Reload new version of project, see Open project.

Revert to saved
Reload project when it was saved last, see Save project.

Saves project to disk, see Save project.

Save & reorg
Saves and reorganizes a project, see Save project.

Save & reorg as
Saves and reorganizes with new filename, see Save project.

Change to admin mode
Restricting access to project structure, see Admin and user mode.

Change admin password
Authentication for admin mode, see Admin and user mode.

Check data integrity
If your project ever gets corrupted, see Check data integrity.

Swap records
Flush all records to disk, see Swap records.

Structure editor
Open structure editor, see Structure editor.

Export structure
Overview of all tables and attributes, see Export structure.

When your are done with a project, see Close project.

Save & Close
Saves then closes project, see Close project.

Exit MUIbase, see Getting started.

Menu Preferences

User settings
Global settings stored in user environment, see User settings.

Real and date formats, see Formats.

External editor
Specify your external editor, see External editor.

External viewer
Specify your external viewer, see External viewer.

Extra buttons in Tab chain
Include extra buttons in the Tab chain, see Extra buttons in Tab chain.

Advance on <Enter>
Advance on Enter. Move to next field when pressing Enter key, see Advance on Enter.

Confirm quit
Confirmation dialog when quitting MUIbase, see Confirm quit.

MUI's preferences, see MUI.

Project settings
Settings stored with a project, see Project settings.

Record memory
Size of record buffer, see Record memory.

Confirm delete record
Confirmation dialog when deleting records, see Confirm delete record.

Paths relative to project
How relative path names are treated, see Paths relative to project.

Confirm auto reload
Confirmation dialog when auto-reloading a project, see Confirm auto reload.

Confirm save & reorg
Confirmation dialog when reorganizing a project, see Confirm save & reorg.

Save as default
Saves project settings for future projects, see Save as default.

Menu Log

Logging active
How to start and stop logging, see Activate logging.

Set log label
Setting a label for new log entries, see Set log label.

Import log
Importing log entries from a file, see Import log.

Export log
Exporting log entries to a file, see Export log.

Clear log
Deleting all log entries, see Clear log.

View log
How to view all log entries, see View log.

Menu Table

New record
Adding a new record, see Adding records.

Duplicate record
Copying a record, see Adding records.

Delete record
If you don't need a record any more, see Deleting records.

Delete all records
If you want to start from scratch, see Deleting records.

Goto Record
Browsing records, see Browsing records.

Change filter
Specify a filter expression, see Changing filters.

Change order
How to specify an order, see Changing orders.

Reorder all records
If records ever become unsorted, see Reorder all records.

Search for
How to search for a record, see Search dialog.

Search forward
Go to the next matching record, see Forward/backward search.

Search backward
Go to the previous matching record, see Forward/backward search.

Import records
How to import records, see Importing records.

Export records
How to export records, see Exporting records.

View all records
Listing all records of a table, see View all records.

Menu Program

Where to enter a MUIbase program, see Program editor.

Compiling a program, see Program editor.

Program source
Internal or external program source, see Program source.

Cleanup external program source
Delete external source files when no longer needed, see Cleanup external program source.

Embed debug information
Compile with or without debug information, see Program debug information.

Obsolete functions
How to handle calls of obsolete functions, see Obsolete functions.

Sort trigger functions
Alphabetical sorting in pop-up windows, see Sort trigger functions.

Include directory
Where to look for external include files, see Program include directory.

Output file
Where program output goes, see Program output file.

Open the query editor, see Query editor.

Menu Help

This user manual.

About MUIbase, see Copying.

About MUI
About the Magic User Interface, see Third party material.

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